Myths About Foster Care

All Families look different.

You have to quit your job to have time to be a foster parent.

Just as not all families have stay at home parents foster care parents do not need to be stay at home to care for a foster child. For children not in school you can work with the foster care agency to arrange for childcare while working. For children in school you will need to work with the agency to find appropriate after school programs.

All foster children are difficult and hard to manage.

This can be true of many children in foster care but with the appropriate resources this can be overcome. Many children will improve with a loving and understanding environment. The foster agency can assist you with finding the needed resources for issues that may arise.

I can’t foster if I’m not already a parent.

This is not true. Parents will take training classes from the foster agency making the placement. What is needed is a commitment to help the child and create a loving environment for the child to thrive.

I can’t foster if I’m not married.

Just as there are single parent households in the general population, there is no requirement to be married to foster a child. There are some requirements of age and health, but the greatest requirement is the ability to provide a stable environment and provide for the needs of the child.

I have to make lots of money if I want to be a foster parent.

While you will need to show financial responsibility, that does not mean you must be wealthy. Many of the expenses for the child will be provided by the state. For example, most foster children are covered by Medicaid for health care and other expenses needed may be covered by the state. Costs for daycare, afterschool care, food and clothing may be covered by the state or the stipend paid for the care of the child, depending on the income of the foster family.

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