Our mission is to provide resources for the at risk populations in Medina and surrounding counties through education, housing and personal support.  


Our purpose is charitable with the intention of assisting at risk and abused children entering into the foster care system by providing access to emergency foster care and personal items needed at that time.  We further propose to include other at risk populations in assistance with housing and personal needs.  Our last goal is to  educate the general public in the need for foster and adoptive parenting in under served areas.

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Immediate Needs

    Children leaving their homes, often times leave with only the clothes on their backs.  Please help us to provide clothes, toiletries, and personal items for these children.  These children need the most basic items when being placed with foster parents.  Often times these children are placed with family members who do not have the resources to provide these care items for them.  

In an effort to assist the Child Protective Services and Tri-County CASA we are starting a building fund for an emergency shelter for abused and neglected children in Medina and surrounding counties.  At this time there is no emergency shelter available when children are removed from their homes in these areas.  Children are taken to shelters sometimes many counties away from their home county.  We hope to raise the money to purchase the land and arrange for a small home to be placed on it for this purpose.


Brighter Futures is a start up non profit in rural southwest Texas.  We hope you will join us on our journey to improve the lives of our community through charitable giving.


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